Recipe Ideas for Be Nourished Gut Shots

Our new Gut Shots contain billions of good bacteria to help support your digestion – and we want to give you plenty of ideas on how you can get all of this goodness in your system! Keep in mind, only a couple of tablespoons are needed for a daily dose of probiotic bacteria.

Some of the ways we like to use our Gut Shots are:

  • Drink it like a tonic: Either sip it straight or dilute it with water or even sparkling water for a fun fizzy experience.
  • Salad dressings: Treat it similar to vinegar, add a little bit of oil, spices, even raw honey.
  • Pickled eggs: Pickle hard boiled eggs in our gut Shots to get fun colours – great for the kiddos!
  • Cold soup base: Making gazpacho? Or cold cucumber soup? Add some of our probiotic tonic as well!
  • Flavour to warm soup (not too hot, though!): Add splash of our Gut Shots for great flavour. Make sure the soup isn’t so hot it will kill the good bacteria you want in your gut.
  • Devilled eggs: Use it in place of lemon juice, mayonnaise or other liquid or simply add a dash for a probiotic kick!
  • Drizzle on grains: What a great way to spruce up delicious rice, quinoa or other properly prepared grains.
  • Use as a marinade: It tenderizes.
  • Fruit or veg juice: Add some to your next cup – a little splash will do ya!
  • Bloody Mary: Instead of or as well as the tomato juice… Kimchi Bloody Mary anyone? 
  • Sautéed greens: Rather than adding in a bit of oil, vinegar or anything else, add a spash of Gut Shots. The heat will kill the probiotics, but the flavour will be there.
  • Sneak into your condiments: Add Guts Shots to mayo, sauce, relish, hummus, etc to add probiotic goodness and flavour.
  • Sushi: Use instead of vinegar.
  • Activate your nuts and seeds by soaking them in one of our probiotic tonics.
  • Gargle for a sore throat.
  • Speed up compost.


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