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Where Be Nourished all began…

As a mother of two children, our founder Joanna Nolan, became interested in nutrition in 2007 when she found herself looking for ways to nourish her family to be in the best health as possible. It was during this quest for more knowledge about healthy foods that Jo realised in order to reap the benefits of an organic, raw sauerkraut  – made from local ingredients – she was going to have to make it herself. Other krauts on the market she found were imported and pasteurised, which was not ideal and not at all what she wanted.


Jo entered her kitchen, inspired to “give it a go,” and she began to make her own kraut. As she began to play with recipes and included these fermented vegetables into her family’s daily diet and sharing them with loved ones, friends began asking for jars of her kraut, and more family members did too, inspiring her to experiment more and create other flavours.


It was from this need, this want to live a healthier life, that Be Nourished was born. Today, Jo and her team are committed to sharing their knowledge about the benefits of organic, fermented vegetables and producing nourishing cultured, living foods that are a delicious complement to any meal.